Kayaking in the Eastern Mangroves

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.40.00 AMOne of the top tourist choices for Abu Dhabi, I went on the Noukhada tour of Abu Dhabi’s Eastern Mangroves with my parents.

We used an Entertainer voucher, and you have to book online, which is relatively straight-forward.

Kicking off quite early, (okay, 8am isn’t that early), the launch point is next to the Eastern Mangroves Promenade (not in the promenade as I had assumed).

Noukhada provide life jackets, kayaks and paddles, so you just need to turn up (and wear something a bit water-proof is recommended).

1795522_545431940054_747489656227025774_nThe tour goes for 1.5 hours, and is an amazingly calm and soothing morning.

Launching off, with a group of five kayaks, we slowly paddle into the mangroves, trying to find a rhythm.

It took about two minutes to realise I suck at kayaking.

My competitive nature combined with a lack of balance meant I was paddling in big S shapes across the water.

Once I balance out, it’s beautiful – serene and you can actually hear birds. You can only see the tops of the tallest buildings on the skyline – otherwise you could be anywhere, immersed in nature.

Once we’ve paddled for a solid half hour, our tour guide pulls us up and tells us a bit of information about the mangroves. It’s not a greatly in-depth spiel, it’s just a run down of the different types of mangroves and what they do.
(These are grey mangroves, which can survive in waters with higher salination).

Once we’ve had a quick chat, it’s a U-turn, and back into the waters.

We paddle back before getting out on a little beach for a bit of a roam – and to thankfully stretch our legs.

It’s a bit more of a workout than I first expected, and by this stage, my arms and legs are a bit achey.

We spend about 15 minutes on the beach, walking around and reading the signs – the tour guide tells us there are desert foxes in among the mangroves too, as well as myriad birds and marine life.

We get back into our kayaks, with wet bums, and work our way back to the beginning. I’m absolutely knackered by this time.

Finally we can see the launch point – where the staff are waiting to help us unload.

The tour is Dhs155 per person, and lasts 1.5hours – definitely use The Entertainer voucher if you can.

Thanks Noukhada for a lovely morning!

See Noukhada.ae




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