Staying fit with friends

My team for White Collar DXB
My team for White Collar DXB

We’re coming to the end of week 6, in White Collar DXB and I’m scared.

My fight is on October 16, and I’m fighting in front of a crowd – but that’s not what I’m scared about.

I’m scared because I don’t want it to end. I’ve found a new lease on life, I’m saying a happy ‘no thanks’ to brunch invitations, I’m waking up at 7am on weekends, and I’m feeling the best I have in my life – eating well, nourishing my body and working out around 10 times per week.

It’s easy-done really, (even getting up at 5am is easier) because I have a team and a coach to account to, a nutritionist, and a group of people supporting me, (plus unlimited access to the martial arts gym which helps).

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.34.21 PMSo what then, will happen when I’m done? I’ve no idea. Luckily I’ve made some new friends, that have the same attitudes as me – and I’m determined not to revert back to my old self.

I’ve realised the importance of having a healthy support network – the interests you share with friends are generally the past-times you’ll enjoy together, so boozy friends – you’ll party with, running friends – you’ll run with, and foodie friends – you’ll eat with.

How will I stay in shape? I’m not sure, but my god, I swear I will make sure I do.

How do you keep a healthy lifestyle? I need suggestions!


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