Cryotherapy in Dubai

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Tired, but loving the Cryohealth cool

I am standing in my knickers, giggling hysterically. It’s FREEZING. I’m in a -140C chamber, and every hair is standing on end. I’m switching my weight between feet, my arms protecting my freezing cold chest.

The therapist tells me I have two minutes to go. I’m moving around, with cold air enveloping my body.

I’m in the Cryotherapy chamber at CryoHealth in Dubai.

It’s a treatment that was originally designed to aid in pain management of rheumatoid arthritis.

It kind of looks like a round fridge with steam frothing out the top.

Basically you are in a small chamber, where your body is subjected to -140C air. Your head is poking out the top so you aren’t going to inhale the cold air – but your body feels the cold without actually touching anything.

The idea has a multi-facted approach.
Firstly, when we are freezing, our body constricts blood-flow to our vital organs – so the warmth stays in our torso and our hands and feet get cold. This is because the body is in survival mode – protecting all the parts you need to live.IMG_2231

Cryohealth aids in circulation once you get out of the cold – the blood rushes back to your extremities.

Your body releases endorphins which aid in pain management, and you feel happy and refreshed after the therapy.

Basically when our bodies are cold, they burn calories to keep warm. That’s the other positive side-effect – clients can burn around 800 calories during a three-minute session.

During the treatment, clients are dressed in booties, gloves and underpants, but that’s all.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt. It’s similar to that feeling of getting out of a hot shower on a cold morning.

It’s after work, so I was feeling tired, achey and really lethargic.

Afterwards, I felt alive. My blood was pumping, my metabolism racing (I felt like I’d just been to the gym) and I felt energised.

I have pains in my back, but I felt the tensions gone, almost as though I’d had a massage. I’m addicted.

Highly recommend this one!

Best for: recovering athletes or paired with a training session.

COST: Dhs400 per session (packages available for more). 



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