Why you should always have coconut oil around the house

I love coconut oil, most people do! I use it for so many beauty needs, here are my main ones:

1- A coconut oil hair soak

The night before I’m planning to wash my hair, I’ll douse my hair in coconut oil and comb it through, then put it in a bun. If you do this, it will restore moisture, soothe your scalp and nourish the hair. SImply wash out the next morning! It makes a noticeable difference, particularlycracked-coconut for me as a dehydrated, damaged blonde.

2- Eye make up remover

My boss clued me into this one – a little coconut oil will remove any heavy eye makeup and you don’t have to worry about toxins or harmful chemicals hurting your eyes.

3- Healing scars

I did an article on scars and spoke to one of my favourite dermatologists (Dr Berger at Bodyworx Clinic in AD). He is a scar specialist. Basically he told me a few truths about scars: scars take around a year to full form and during this time, hydration and nourishing the skin is essential to minimise the appearance of the scars. All these scar-reduction creams are just giving your skin the hydration it needs – so why not use coconut oil? It’s lovely and light and will hydrate your skin.

4 – Facial moisturiser

It’s soothing, all natural and gentle on the skin. I have rosacea and so coconut oil is a great alternative to some of the harsh chemical moisturisers. It’s also great for if you’re sunburnt.

5 -Stopping itches

Because it’s gentle, soothing and moisturising, I always dab a little bit on my itchy bites whenever I have them.
It’s hydrating so will help reduce scarring as I said above, but will also stop you from wanting to claw your skin off. I use it on rashes, scratches, dry skin, pretty much everything!
It also smells great

6 – Cooking 

This is the most obvious one, and it’s been in the press plenty but I’m not a great chef. I use coconut oil in all my cooking instead of other oils as it can get to a higher temperature without getting rancid. I add a spoonful into my smoothies in the morning. Dietary wise, find out why it’s so good – read more here. 

Where to get it? Organic Foods & Cafe has plenty including giant 4L buckets of the stuff. A jar of it costs around Dhs27 last time I bought it, see  www.organicfoodsandcafe.com 

Do you have any other uses for it?



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