Lush Shampoo Bars

Lush has been rolling out various types of ‘bars’, and no I don’t mean the kind you can get a drink at after work.

The newest one I tried is one of the shampoo bars. They’re a round little block that I mistook for soap at first. lush_uae-brazilliant_shampoo_bar_1-360x360

Easy mistake to make! These are great because they’re less packaging than shampoo bottles so better for the environment.

I tried out the ‘Braziliant’ one, which smells of ylang ylang and kind of frangipanis. The ‘Copper Head’ one smells a little less pleasant to me, but it’s all about preference.

The main concern I had, looking at this little round soap was if it was going to lather properly. It doesn’t look like it can get foamy enough to do my hair any good.

Now I have blonde hair, which is quite dry due to the water and weather here, so I’m funny about what products I use on my hair – I use blonde shampoo and conditioner and I only wash my hair every 3-4 days (I need minimal washing to help retain moisture, because my hair is bleached) so my hair was quite oily when I tried the shampoo bar.

I rubbed the bar on the crown of my head and it lathered up quickly once it was wet – I got plenty of foam and it smells beautiful.
I rinsed it out once I’d massaged it into the whole of my head. It stripped all the build up off my hair, but also dried my hair out a bit.

I used my favourite blonde conditioner & hair mask (thank you Redken!) and dried it off.

The end results were my hair was completely clean but quite dry from the shampoo bar. I’d recommend these to people with natural hair and definitely if you struggle to get a deep cleaning shampoo. I use it once a week to get rid of build up, generally after I’ve done a coconut oil soak on my hair to give it extra moisture.

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  1. Nice post. The thing that bothers me about Lush is that whilst they have some lovely products (love their olive branch shower gel), they are commonly misconceived as being a natural brand. They do use lots of fairtrade and natural ingredients but sadly most of their products still contain parabens and what they refer to as ‘safe synthetics’, something which is only disclosed if you check ingredients on their website – not on any of their actual products. 😦

  2. I bought the lullaby shampoo bar, haven’t tried it yet but it smells amazing! I would recommend trying their jungle conditionner bar too though, it left my hair so soft and smelt so amazing for days after

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