Simple tips for better skin

This is a list of quick tips I have compiled, simple changes to your lifestyle to help – I’ve learnt all these tips from various therapists, so I want to share with you. Some may seem obvious, but it can’t hurt to reinforce the message!

shutterstock_94156249The quickest and easiest thing to do for your skin, is take your makeup off before bed. It seems obvious, but not everyone is meticulous with this – be sure you remove makeup to help your skin breathe when you sleep and your eyelashes won’t break. Even keeping wet-wipes handy is an idea for make-up removal when you’re tired.  I love the white lily Elemis eye-makeup remover – it’s lovely and gentle – even when I spill it everywhere.

Don’t squeeze spots, which is a general rule – but make sure to avoid this at all costs during that time of the month. At this time your hormones (curse them!) are the cause of breakouts and the pimples generally won’t have a core – so squeezing will just cause pain, redness and scarring. I know it’s easier said, than done, but try not to!

Wear sunscreen every day. Oil-free if you need, but the leading cause of wrinkles and skin-damage is photo damage: the sun. If you invest in one beauty product, find a sunscreen that suits you. Herbline Essentials does an oil-free one – very good for sensitive skin. Lush does an all-natural sesame-oil one that has aloe vera and cocoa butter.

Don’t exfoliate every day. Because I have oily skin – I was using a daily cleanser that had exfoliant in it. Turns out, my skin was so dry from the exfoliant, that it was overproducing oil to compensate – it also moves the bacteria around on your face. Exfoliate once or twice per week. Go for a gentle cleanser with no beads – Human+Kind All-in-one is a nice gentle one.

Drink lots of water. It helps flush out the nasties. Everyone says it, but serDrink-Water-All-Dayiously – why do you think all these products promote hydration? It’s the best way to get a nice glow. Hyaluronic acid draws water to itself – the more water in your system; the better for your skin, and everything else!

Vitamin C for your skin – it boosts collagen production, it’s an antioxidant so fights free radicals and it helps create scar tissue. Eat plenty of fruit & veg or take a vitamin C supplement (or both). Collagen is so valuable – it gives the skin firmness, helps heal it, hydrate it and keep you looking young.

Eat walnuts – they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E- which helps regulate oil production of your skin stave off inflammation and infection (including pimples!) respectively.

If you have oily skin, stay away from oily foods – duh right?

Make sure you’re using a toner. Toner helps your skin maintain moisture as well as reducing build-up on your face.



One comment

  1. Eating walnuts in moderation of course! Your tips are great ones, I’ll definitely be going out and finding a more gentle face wash, as I, like you, have oily skin.
    Thanks for the tips Cait 🙂

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