My favourites – beauty

Okay so I listed my favourite F&B outlets, but my real love and passion is health and beauty. I’m by no means a fashionista, however I do work with a huge amount of spas, clinics and shops in the city and I love my products.

So here are my favourite people, products and treatments.

For my hair

Hairwaves By Charbel
Hairwaves By Charbel

There are a few amazing hairdressers and somehow, I have found that the best hairdressers to suit me are Lebanese men. Boy do they know how to do a blonde. Hairwaves by Charbel is a flouncy fun salon and Charbel himself is the head stylist. He takes the time to do a diagnosis of sorts – get to know the personality first before telling what needs to be done.

Artistic Hair Salon has two brothers that are outgoing and do a wild blonde.

Argan oils –

I wrote an article on Argan oil a while ago and I learned a few things – Moroccan oil is a cheeky way of using the reputation of Argan oil but using a cheaper product with synthetic additives, be mindful, but DO find a good Argan oil dealer – this is liquid gold, I swear. Amazing for hair, particularly in UAE – and also soothing for skin.

Blonde Shampoo

10951804-1399893639-1116As a purple shampoo loyalist, I was shocked to find that the Redken blonde shampoo outshone all my previous purple/blue shampoos. Can pick it up from BeDashing (among others) for around Dhs100 per bottle.

For my face

Ah the wonder-serum. Hyaluronic acid. It’s a huge feature of most new skin care products. I was cautious when I heard the word acid, however, after picking my favourite dermatologist’s brain (Dr Berger at Bodyworx of course), I felt safe to use it.FUTUR_LAB_PURE_HYALURONIC_ACID_B_PACK_SHOTS It’s a naturally occuring chemical that attracts water and keeps the skin plump and hydrated. Dhs750 from Bodyworx or Aesthetics Polyclinic. Get this on your skin as much as you can. Futur Lab + B is the way to go – it has nano-technology so it penetrates the skin.

On that note – the best facial I have EVER had, was at The Beauty Spot. It’s the intraceuticals oxygen facial and it blasts the hyaluronic acid deep into the pores. First, you get a deep cleansing treatment and then an Intraceuticals oxygen gun first sprays the mix onto the skin before applying pressurised air so it sinks into the pores. The therapist was amazing too – a little abrupt but my god does she do a good job with extractions, application and the oxygenation.

For my body

I recently broke out in a rash all over my legs and it was raw and itchy. I found myself reaching for the Palmers skin therapy oil. It’s soothing and hydrating – with the all-important Vitamin E. I have relatively sensitive skin and I found this helped the pain greatly. (Still don’t know what the rash is from). It’s available at Boots.

Soap & bodywash – Ah Lush. It satiates my humanitarian needs for beauty while a)smelling amazing, b) doing a great job and c) being reasonably priced. They recently launched the Christmas lines and the egg-nog soap is to.die.for.

Spray tans – I’ve tried a bunch of spray tans, to various different results. Vita Liberata is an organic tan, it’s V sticky after, but doesn’t have any chemicals (The Beauty Spot, Eastern Mangroves) It lasted five days.

Sun FX (Bodyworx Aesthetics Clinic) lasted longer – it’s Australian and Aussies know their spray-tans. It achieved that subtle colour that gets people asking if you’ve been to the beach without actually going. This one lasted around a week before it goes flakey. This was the best colour.

‘That’s So Espresso’ is an Italian brand (available at NUYou Slimming Spa) that has NO stickiness after, it gives a sexy chocolatey smell and the colour is subtle – it lasted a full 7 days and simply faded out, rather than flaking.



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