Read my lips

When I told my friends I was trying out injectable lips for work, people’s eyes widened – ‘WHAT!?’ Why would you do that!? The reactions were of surprise. Well, except my mother.  I told my mum – ‘I’m getting blow-job lips for work – teehee’ her response – ‘oooh fun, let me know how it goes!’

When I got told about the gentle enhancement of lips I became obsessed with my teeny tiny fish lips. I might be exaggerating but I’ve never had a full pout like some of my friends and I’ve always avoided lipstick – not wanting to bring attention to my undersized kissers. I counted down the days to get the injections – full of excitement and trepidation.

I was a little scared but intrigued so I chose my favourite clinic in Abu Dhabi (In BodyWorx I trust) – I know most of the clinics well here and this one has consistently good staff, friendly and well-educated European doctors and the owner is Australian so I knew I was in safe hands.

After a lengthy chat with Dr Matthias, explaining the unlikely, but possible side-effects, treatment and care, we got down to it. The treatment, honestly is not half as painful as people assume.

A numbing cream is applied to the area first – which takes about ten minutes to set it.

The treatment consists of around six injections- I guess it varies depending on the client – and honestly, it barely hurts. Occasionally I felt a prick of the needle, but only gently and the needles are quite narrow so it didn’t cause too much pain.

After, I got the mirror –  I did tell Dr Matthias it’s my first time and I don’t need too much enlargement which he agreed with – I love my lips. Rather than be blown up, they are just a little fuller and pouty. Don’t think, Goldie Hawn or Donatella Versace – not even Angelina Jolie really, just a happy little pucker. There’s a small amount of swelling for around a day after the treatment but it isn’t painful and goes away quickly.

People barely even notice the difference, (I really do though) it’s subtle and FINALLY I get to use all my beautiful colourful lipsticks. Hello bright red!

I’m not saying do it. I’m saying if you do want to do it – try it.

2014-08-17 10.13.35


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