My friend

Cait 3

My friend is sick. Really sick – it’s cancer. She’s only 29. It’s not fair. It’s my first real lesson in ‘life’s not fair’ and I hate it.

I don’t know what I believe in. I live in a deeply religious country and I don’t know what my religion is.
I simply practice kindness to all my fellow inhabitants of this world (I hope).
I don’t know who to pray to but whether it’s Allah, God, The Creator or the universe – every fiber of my being is praying, wishing, asking, begging. Heal my friend.

It puts things in perspective – my answer to every trivial matter my friends present to me ‘at least you have your health’. It’s my answer to my own despair sometimes too. Internal thoughts go ‘snap out of it Caitlyn – at least you have your health’.

One thing that warms my heart – religious friends, of various beliefs have said to me ‘I will pray for her’ and somehow – it’s a comfort.

So no matter your religion, please, pray for my friend.


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