So to tell you a little about myself, I am a journalist from Australia. Living with my Mum in Abu Dhabi trying to find work. I came here because trying to find journalism work in Australia is akin to finding work in acting. Too many people, not enough jobs. 

So anyway, I came here to find work…two months ago. I have had over 20 rejections for jobs. I started just looking for journalism then widened to marketing and PR…then I have some experience in HR so now I am trying anything. It’s challenging. With every rejection a little part of my motivation dies.

I do loads of volunteering, working for magazines and websites to get a foot in the door. ‘oh we are only a small publication so we can’t afford to pay our journalists’ is a frequent line I hear. Plodding along with unpaid work I am hoping something will come. 

This blog is to help me keep …motivated? no- keep me aware. It’s amazing how having something in print (even if no-one reads it) keeps you aware of where you are going…no google maps needed. 


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